About the Association

The Israeli Register of Osteopaths

Osteopathy is an acknowledged treatment method in many countries around the world, contributing to the health of millions of people every day. In Israel, the field of osteopathy has made great strides only in recent years. Therefore, the Israeli Osteopathic Association has made it its purpose to spread knowledge of the field among the general public and the professional medical community.

The association will work to maintain professional and ethical standards for osteopaths by holding entry exams for new practitioners applying for membership, as well as ensure that all members uphold the strict ethical Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

The association will work to protect the interests of its members, to continually develop their capabilities, and to further advance their professional careers.

Currently, there are approximately 150 osteopaths operating in Israel. A fairly low number which denies most of the country’s population access to osteopathic treatment. In comparison, in the UK, for example, the resident-to-osteopath ratio is 12 times higher than in Israel. It should be noted that since the Israeli Institute for Applied Osteopathy opened its gates in 2001, the number of osteopaths in the country has grown, subsequently increasing the number of patients. At the same time, HMOs in the country began to create new positions for graduates of the school.

Complementary medicine in Israel has come a long way in the last few decades, especially since professional schools began teaching its subjects. This demonstrates how previously marginalized fields can achieve results, recognition and prominence. Osteopathy went through a similar process with the establishment of the Israeli Institute for Applied Osteopathy and the association’s activities to promote osteopathy in Israel.

The association members are qualified osteopaths who attended schools recognized by the association and have been certified by it. Graduates who have completed their course of study undergo an external certification exam held by our authorized team of examiners that has completed an advanced training program under the direction of the British GoSC.

The Israeli Register of Osteopaths is a member of the European association EFFO (European Federation & Forum for Osteopathy), which is committed to a unified standard of osteopathic qualification in Europe and the world. The association is a registered association (RA), number 580463537.

The Israeli Register of Osteopaths was co-founded by the Professional Osteopathic Association of Israel (RA) and the Israeli Osteopathic Association. This register was established following a decision received by these two bodies in March 2013, to unite and form a common association.

Our Mission

  1. To protect public health.
  2. To promote the practice of osteopathy in Israel.
  3. To increase exposure to the osteopathic profession for the benefit of the Israeli public.
  4. To define the boundaries of osteopathic practice in Israel in order to protect the profession.
  5. To support the establishment and operations of Israeli schools of osteopathy through advocacy and professional guidance.
  6. To protect the public from those not qualified to practice the field.
  7. To ensure professional continuing education programs for members of the association.