Certification in Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic studies are recognized by the association and comply with the standard of the European association FORE.

The osteopathic training that members of the association receive is highly demanding and of considerable length. In order to earn a professional certification, osteopathy students learn anatomy, physiology, pathology, biomechanics and clinical methods – supported by thorough clinical training, within the course of four and a half full years of study.

The extensive training, based on medical knowledge, equips future osteopaths with the necessary skills to practice osteopathy, as well as to diagnose situations where osteopathic treatment is not recommended and patients need to be referred to a general physician for further diagnosis.

In Israel, we have the Israeli Institute for Applied Osteopathy at Wingate College, which was established for the purpose of training Israeli osteopathy experts in accordance with international standards.

The institute has a number of internship clinics where students in their third and fourth year of study get to practice and work in. As part of the course of study, students are required to acquire at least 800 hours of observation and practical experience, carried out either in the institute’s clinics in Ramat Aviv, or at the Pain Medicine Institute at Rambam Hospital. The clinics are run by students under the supervision of senior osteopath from the teaching staff.

The Israeli Osteopathic Association accepts new members who obtained their professional education from osteopathic institutions that comply with the standard of the European association FORE. Certification examinations are performed by external examiners, which have been specially trained and certified by the association.