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Since 2006, Inon Lerner has been treating a wide range of problems and patients. Yinon holds a certificate of osteopathy, which he received after 5 years of study at Wingate College located in Netanya. In addition, Yinon is a graduate of MTI College in Boston, USA. Yinon's is certified in areas which are at the forefront of effective treatment and relieving of injuries, infections, systemic problems, headaches, problems relating to pregnant women, infants and more. In addition to using osteopathic methods, Inon combines a variety of techniques such as "Trigger Point", "Dry / Western Acupuncture" and the "ART" method.

"My approach to the treatment of pain and medical problems is mainly based on the philosophy of osteopathic theory, in addition to many years of practical treatment, and extensive knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, which itself consists of units and small systems that need to work in coordination together. When one of the units or systems begins to malfunction it can cause symptoms in another part of the body. Thus, pain felt in the knee may be found in the pelvis. Headache may be due to radiation as a result of a neck problem. A gastrointestinal problem can be related to spinal dysfunction."

"I look at the body as a comprehensive, three-dimensional unit. I focus on investigating and identifying the root of the problem and thus addressing the source of the problem. The result is a life of optimal health and recovery from pain and injuries."