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The osteopath will want to know everything about your medical history: diseases, injuries, surgeries and even complications during your birth. Furthermore, he will inquire into your daily activities at work and at home, your exercise routine and life style. At this point, it is recommended that you share any information even if it seems irrelevant.


An overall comprehensive examination of the entire body is carried out, rather than just an examination of the painful area. The osteopath performs the examination by observation and palpation, and focuses on the back, arms, legs, posture and balance.
The osteopath will perform an orthopedic and neurological examination and inspect the joints, muscles and tendons using a set of unique osteopathic examination techniques. It is possible that during the examination the patient will be asked to perform a few simple actions to help the osteopath evaluate your body function.


The osteopath will assess all collected data and determine what causes the problems from which the patient suffers. The osteopath will then suggest a suitable course of action.
Osteopathy is a holistic therapy that examines the body as a single unit and offers a thorough, long-term and sustainable solution. As part of the treatment, the osteopath will offer advice on nutrition, exercise and proper motion.


Treatment will be carried out on a special treatment bed. The osteopath works gently and through moderate pressing, stretching, pulling, joint mobilization and manipulation. These actions increase the mobility of the affected areas, alleviate pain and encourage the body's self-healing process. The treatment is risk-free and safe for all ages.