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Back Pains

Osteopathy is an expert when it comes to skeleton and body structure related problems, such as back and neck pain. Osteopathic treatment shortens the recovery time from an episode of back pain and allows patients to be back on their feet faster. The osteopath will reduce muscle spasms, which cause most types of pain, and will reduce pressure on the nerves. Treatment will also reduce the risk of scar tissue around the intervertebral discs, hence reducing the risk of repeat injury.
Osteopathy is an academic profession which has been successfully treating back problems for over a century. It is an acknowledged integrated treatment method prevalent in Western Europe and the United States. Equipped with extensive knowledge of human anatomy and orthopedics, the osteopath diagnoses what is causing the back pain and treats the root cause.

Scoliosis and Posture Issues

Scoliosis is the result of structural change in the spine, which receives a curved shape resembling the letter S. Almost every person suffers from slight scoliosis, which is usually unnoticeable to the non-professional eye. When scoliosis worsens it creates a back problem that manifests in pain, fatigue and discomfort. In severe cases it may cause disturbance to mobility, respiration and blood flow.
Osteopathic treatment is recommended in order to align the back and release the problematic vertebrae of the spine, together with some exercises to strengthen the back muscles. This allows to maintain free motion of the spinal cord while improving posture and balance.

Abdominal Pains

As a profession that treats motion limitations in the human body, the visceral field in osteopathy refers to contact between two organs in the abdominal cavity as a "visceral joint". In these cases, there may be motion limitations due to adhesions, contractions and organ prolapse, which may lead to inflammation, spasms or pressure on vital organs such as nerves and blood vessels. Other than local pain, overstimulation of nearby nerves may occur. Visceral problems will affect other regions of the body and not only the abdominal area.


Osteopaths treat the root cause of headaches by a thorough diagnosis and a thorough physical examination, before treating the motion limitations in the neck. Headaches are a very common medical issue, and when it comes to severe headaches, they are likely to exhaust those who suffer from them and adversely affect their lifestyle. Extreme headaches can lead to the inability to function in daily life, and some people are forced to change their work place and profession.
Osteopathic treatment can certainly bring to the termination of headaches. An ongoing state of agony as a result of headaches is not normal and no one has to just "learn to live with it".

Back Pains During Pregnancy

After a thorough diagnosis, osteopathic treatment of back pains in pregnant women is a gentle way of helping them cope with the pain and adjust to the changes their bodies are going through. Extensive experience acquired in this field indicates that the treatment may relieve pain arising from the presence of a baby in the womb and the subsequent adjustments the body makes. The osteopath employs a variety of gentle techniques to soften ligaments and supporting muscles.
The purpose of the treatment is to eliminate pain by releasing mechanical restrictions and reducing muscle contraction, while restoring the normal function of the muscle, tendon or joint.

Common Problems in Infants and Newborns

At the time of birth, the baby's head is subject to pressure that may affect the tissue tension in the neck and head. When these areas are tense and compressed, some symptoms may develop that are common during the first year of life and affect the body in the coming years and even persist into adulthood. The baby's body has the ability to release the compressed regions, but it's not in all cases that a natural healing process occurs fully and successfully.
Thanks to a special treatment and extensive knowledge of human anatomy, the osteopath can relieve the pressure around the skull and neck muscles and eliminate constipation, reflux, colic and gas problems. Osteopathic treatment is very effective in infants and they respond to it quickly.