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סימיון אשר (BPhil, BSc (Ost



אח"י דקר 5
טלפון: 077-7020202
זימון תורים בטל': 077-7020202
ימים ושעות קבלה: א-ו
דואר אלקטרוני: simeon_asher@hotmail.com



We are an international group of highly experienced Osteopaths, Physiotherapists who work closely together to offer you the very best in physical medicine. Add to this some of the most sophisticated technology in the world (IDD), great customer service, relaxed happy and beautiful clinics and you will see why we are truly different.
Whilst we all view the body as a whole, each of us has developed a special area of interest:
Shoulder Pain – Simeon Asher and Diana Osovsky
Women's Health – Yael Vered and Zoe Merkazy
Sports Injury – Diana Osovsky and Simeon Asher
Acute and Chronic Disc Pain – Eli Levy-Golan
Geriatric and Rehabilitation – Eli Levy-Golan, Diana Osovsky and Rebecca Schwartz
Chronic fatigue/ME – Rebecca Schwartz
Orthopaedic Medicine – Dr Marc Levy (by appointment)
Vertigo and balance issues – Canalith repositioning procedure (CRP) – Diana Osovsky
Mothers and babys - Zoe Merkazy